Bisexual woman was verbally abused by her own dad and made it viral


Briony Richards—whose username is @litxrallybri—wrote on Twitter that her father’s rant came after she revealed to him that she had had mental health issues. When she came out to him as bisexual, the situation got even worse. “You’re not bisexual you f***ing idiot. You’re not bisexual. Jesus Christ. You’re an intelligent, sensible girl so don’t demean yourself by pigeonholing yourself,” the father yelled, “You’re also f***ed in the head. Remember that. Until that is sorted out, you don’t know what you’re doing.” She responded that she did not care, because she had people who supported her, and even if her dad is not one of them, she still has a courage to live her life and to love whomever she wants. Briony captioned one of the videos: “Everyone else: can’t wait to go home for Easter!! Love being back with my parents xx. Me, with my homophobic, disrespectful parents who don’t understand mental health.”


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