Taiwan capital allowed same-sex weddings


Same-sex couples can now book their marriage registration in Taipei, Taiwan, the city announced a week ago, though from the formal point of view same-sex marriages are due to become legal in the country only in a month. According to a press statement by the city’s Department of Civil Affairs, the government has decided to take in-person and phone bookings for marriage registration for same-sex couples in advance. In mid-2017, Taiwan’s constitutional court decided that the articles in the Civil Code which prohibited same-sex couples from marrying were unconstitutional. The authorities were given two years (up to May 24, 2019) to redefine the law, extending it to same-sex couples as well. Despite the ruling by the Constitutional Court, two referendums in the country last November showed that the Taiwanese population is still largely against gay marriage. People are twice more likely to oppose the redefinition of marriage than to support it.


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