Trans voters can use their real identity in India


Members of Delhi’s transgender and non-binary community have voted for the first time under their correct identity in India’s general election that started on April 11 and will last one month and 8 days. This will be the first general election in the country since its Supreme Court legally recognized transgender and non-binary individuals. A previous ruling had given voters the choice of ticking a third gender on ballot forms, but they could not have their gender recognized on voter ID cards. “I could have voted with my old ID but it listed me as a male. I have a new identity now and my new ID card represents that,” one voter, Rhiana, told the local press. She was one of approximately 130 trans and non-binary individuals dealing with self-declaring their gender to register after a special drive by poll officials. n total, Delhi has 795 third-gender voters. Since the Supreme Court ruling—which came one week into India’s 2014 election—trans and non-binary people have been able to apply for jobs, welfare, education and health care with their proper identity.


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