British politician Jan Rostowski backs down homophobic remarks


Rostowski—who is a former minister for finance in Poland—was announced as a candidate for the pro-EU party. But then his interviews dated back to 2011 resurfaced. In them the politician said that the stable society could be based only on straight relationships and some MPs from his homeland (Rostowski is an ethnic Polish) were gay men in closet. The pro-EU party Change UK has faced a number of controversies since it announced its candidates for the European elections. Since the party announced its election line-up , an old anti-Romanian tweet from candidate Ali Sadjady—a former Conservative MP— was resurfaced too. In the tweet, which was posted in November 2017, Sadjady said: “When I hear that 70% of pick pockets caught on the London Underground are Romanian it kind makes me want Brexit.” As it was revealed, he stepped down from the party.


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