Former Navy head is offended by gender-neutral ships


An argument has erupted over the Scottish Maritime Museum’s decision to refer to ships as “it” instead of “she” responding to the act of vandalism in which all the female pronouns were scratched out. But not everybody was excited about such changes. In part, Admiral Lord Alan West, who served as first sea lord from 2002 to 2006, said that the political correctness had gone too far and the decision to make sips gender-neutral was an “insult to generations of sailors,” who referred to ships as women because in the sea they protected them from dangers and enemies like mothers and gave them a place to stay, like wives take care of their homes. “We’ve done it for centuries as that’s how we refer to them, we have to be very careful with little tiny pressure groups that make people change things. It’s a very dangerous road we are going down,” he said, calling gender-neutral references a stupid fashion.


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