Game of Thrones fans strongly believe Arya to be a lesbian


In one of the latest episodes of the popular TV series Arya Stark had sex. It was with a man, but something in this scene made the watchers believe that Arya is not playing straight. In the episode, Arya told blacksmith Gendry—who is played by Joe Dempsie—that she wanted to know how it feels to make love before she dies. And Gendry did not need to be asked twice to show her what it is. But the watchers did not believe that Arya was satisfied with this new experience. One fan tweeted: “Happy for Arya and a nice lil consensual empowering moment of sex on the show but Arya Stark not being a powerful lesbian is the LEAST believable thing in this show about zombies and dragons.” Another simply said: “arya stark is a lesbian bye.” Somebody else said they “don’t watch Game of Thrones” but added: “Arya Stark is a lesbian.” Another said: “I refuse to live in a world in which Arya Stark is not a lesbian. There, I said it.”


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