The L word gets trans-inclusive


Legendary lesbian TV series The L Word has started casting for its reboot, and the fans are already excited to find out that the casting managers are seeking two male transgender actors. The advertisement states it’s looking for a trans man between the ages of 30-50, whose transition process lasts for at least several years. His ethnicity does not matter. As for another trans actor, he is supposed to be an Asian in his 30s, and he is going to be able to play a bright and optimistic character sparkling energy. Fans of the show have greeted the news positively, as many acknowledged the show, which first aired in 2004, but trans representation was a complicated issue as the only trans character, Max Sweeney, included in the show’s third season (2006) was played by a cis female. In the show, Max becomes a prominent character when he forms a relationship with Jenny (Mia Kirschner) and comes out as trans. However, as the story develops, Max is at first shunned by the lesbians, both for his gender identity and class.


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