The man and wife. Hindu trans woman is officially assigned as bride


An Indian high court has ruled that a trans woman should be recognized as bride at the wedding ceremony. And it created a legal precedent for all trans Hindus, because the term ‘bride’ will be applied to everybody who gets married and identifies as female, whatever was the gender assigned at birth. Authorities in Tamil Nadu in south India had refused to register the marriage of Arun Kumar and Sreeja, a man and trans woman, who asked authorities for formal recognition after a service in a temple ceremony last year, so the two started a legal case to change the life of the whole trans community. Their marriage was initially rejected on the grounds that a trans woman “can’t be treated as a bride as per Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1956.” The couple took the decision to the high court, where judge G R Swaminathan said authorities were wrong, referring to past judgements of the Supreme Court. The judge declared that the ‘personhood’ of transgender persons is protected and recognized by the Constitution of India. The ruling is expected to set a precedent that will make it easier for trans brides and grooms alike in India to get married without discrimination and build a case against being refused to register for marriage.


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