Australian politician is under fire for sexism and homophobia


Stuart Bonds is the far-right One Nation Party’s candidate for Hunter, New South Wales, ahead of Australia’s federal election on May 18. Nine News revealed a video from youtube in which the man can be heard saying “The only thing worse than a gay person with power is a woman. I don’t have a woman boss and I don’t have a gay boss, and there’s a reason for that.” Very brave claim from a person who runs as a candidate from the party the leader of which is a woman. Bonds insists he is “absolutely not” a homophobe or a misogynist, but when Nine News asked if he regretted the contents of the video, he repeatedly ensured he did not. One Nation declined comment about the candidate. The current MP for Hunter, Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon, said the comments were “appalling and offensive to so many people.”


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