London holds trans-only Pride


Founded by performers Lucia Blake and Finn Love, London Trans Pride (LTP) was born partly as a response to London Pride being rudely intervened by trans-exclusionary radical feminists last year. Last year’s transphobic protests and the all too familiar centring of cis-white gay-male narratives at Pride in London certainly informed our decision,” the collective behind the event explain, noting that unfortunately the T is not given enough space within the LGBT, so it was time to mark trans pride and to tell trans stories with no fear of being abused or attacked for it. The event’s co-chair Alison Camps condemned the anti-trans group, saying that regardless of them proclaiming themselves as supporters of lesbians, lesbians don’t actually need such a support and such a representation. Blake and Love are joined by a team of seven other performers and multi-hyphenates, all of whom work in London’s queer nightlife scene. The committee includes curator Jo Bligh, writers Emily Crooked and Andre Neely, artist Katy Jalili, producer Jen Smethurst, filmmaker Sweatmother and veteran events organizer Tam Vibert.


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