Minnesota moves to banning ‘gay cure therapy’


Democrat-led House voted ‘yes’ on amending existing health and human services bill, HF 2414. If the changes are approved, it will be forbidden for mental health specialists to perform any practices insisting they are able to change people’s sexuality or gender identity. According to Pioneer Press, Democrat Rep. Julie Sanstede, in turn, thinks such practices should remain as optional, meaning that it should be illegal to force someone to undergo them, but there are cases when a person wants to give them a try. Fellow Democrat and openly gay representative Hunter Cantrell confirmed that as the new bill only covers conversion therapy carried out on those under 18 years of age, people who are legally able to make their own decisions will not be limited in it, even when it comes to ‘gay cure therapy’. In the last 12 months, Washington, Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts have all passed bills banning it within their territories. However, with the exception of New York’s, all bans are limited to preventing people under 18 from being subjected to these practices


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