Pam Rocker thinks it is time for a trans POTUS


35-year-old Pam Rocker from Cincinnati has said she wants to “excite the population and to change the face of the United States for a better future” as she was terrified when Donald Trump stepped in as the President. Announcing her ‘One Human Race 2020’ campaign, Ms Rocker says she would like to be the first trans woman of color to lead the country. Her campaign also includes reparations for African Americans, which Rocker says will give them a helping hand as they still feel the pain of their enslaved ancestors. Rocker says she grew up in Cincinnati while living in ten different foster homes. She suffered from bullying because of liking boys and wearing dresses. The candidate also had aspirations of becoming a rapper and released a handful of tracks under the name of Pam Jones. One track ‘Eat Sushi’ was featured in the soundtrack for a 2008 romantic comedy titled ‘Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom’.


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