Pete Buttigieg made a deaf supporter cry as he thanked him in a sign language


When deaf activist Anderson Pleasants reached out to Pete Buttigieg on Twitter a few weeks ago, he dreamed about a written feedback, but the gay presidential hopeful went even further in finding a common language (li8terally) with his supporter. On 15 April, Political Science and Communications student Pleasants sent a video of himself to Buttigieg via the social media platform. In it, he explained that he’d come up with a ‘sign name’ for the openly gay Democrat and that it ties in with the bridge-inspired presidential campaign logo.“His sign name is P “bridged” across the chest to B,” Pleasants wrote, while demonstrating how to say it using the American sign language. On 24 April, Buttigieg sent a video back, accompanied by a friendly ‘waving hand’ emoji. In it, he uses sign language to say: “Hi Andy, I appreciate your support. Thank you.” Pleasants said that such a respond made him feel so overwhelmed that he could hardly hold tears, because he had seen political figures talking about disability and inclusion, but they did not act in this direction, Buttigieg did.


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