Australian cricket star James Faulkner clarifies that he is not gay


Australian cricket star James Faulkner has clarified the meaning behind an Instagram post showing the picture of himself, his mother and one more man, who is identified as ‘the boyfriend’. After receiving various messages praising his bravery and wishing him well for his birthday, as well as making global headlines as the first Australian cricketer to come out, Faulkner was forced to clarify this misunderstanding. He said that the third person on the pic was actually his roommate, they have been good friends for years, and they are often jokingly named boyfriends. When it happens, they do not aggressively deny it because they do not treat it as an offence – love is love and there is nothing wrong if a man has a boyfriend. Faulkner was overwhelmed with the support his LGBT followers give to him and ensured them that they could count on his support too, though he is not one of them.


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