Jean Paul Gaultier to design Madonna’s Eurovision outfit


Acclaimed French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier is set to dress the queen of pop for her Eurovision performance. Gaultier—who has a long history of working with Madonna—will reportedly arrive in Israel on May 13 ahead of the final to help Madonna and the Eurovision 1998 winner Dana International (who is a trans woman and a guest performer this year) with the outfits he designed for them. Reports suggest that Madonna personally asked the fashion designer to work on the brand new and original look in the wake of Eurovision. The pair’s long working relationship began in the 1990s when Gaultier dressed Madonna in his legendary pointed corset costume. The corset had previously been displayed in 1982 but was later made iconic by Madonna. Just last year, Gaultier dressed Madonna once again for the Met Gala in New York. Madonna is to perform 2 songs – one well-known hit and one track from her brand new album Madame X.


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