MCU promises that next films will be more LGBT-inclusive


Studio executives have promised they will keep striving for diversity in casting and characters for new films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The claim came from Victoria Alonso, the studio’s executive vice-president of production, and casting director Sarah Halley Finn. Both CEOs told Vulture that Marvel takes steps to diversity, but the progress should move further and be faster. “You’re gonna see even more new faces—and faces from all different background, all ages, all ethnicities, LGBTQ, people who are differently abled,” Finn said, adding that authentic representation of actors who are not usually given enough space on screen is one of their main priorities. “We’re just determined to have it be how we do it,” Alonso confirmed. “And if we do it, maybe somebody else will do it … I encourage every studio, every indie production company, every filmmaker out there to make an effort.” Alonso is married to a woman and she repeatedly ensured that the world was ready for queer superheroes.


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