Republican radio host says Pete Buttigieg speculates on his sexuality because he publicly kisses his spouse


Conservative radio host Chandelle Summer appeared on MSNBC on April 28 to talk about the chances of the gay mayor from Indiana at the Democratic primaries. Summer claimed it was “unusual for a Presidential candidate” to kiss their spouse on-stage. Actually, even the picture we attacked to the post showed at least two examples (except the Buttigiegs) – Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Bernie Sanders and his wife Jill. And these are not the only ones – the Clintons (both spouses have experience of running for presidency, by the way) kissed on stage, the former VP Joe Biden also kissed his wife Jillian in public. But for Ms Summer even a brief mentioning of that fact that Buttigieg has a male spouse is already a speculation to show that he is not a typical candidate. But actually is there such thing as a typical candidate? Was Donald Trump, a billionaire with zero experience in politics, a typical candidate? Was his then-rival Hillary Clinton a typical candidate (or every time she mentioned she is a woman was also treated as speculation, because women were unlikely to run for Presidency before?) was Barack Obama a typical candidate (or he speculated on his race?) . The point is there is no ‘typical president’ or ‘typical human’, we all differ, but our differences are not obstacles on the way to success.


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