Anti-LGBT preacher is accused of abuse


Anti-LGBT New York preacher James David Manning is facing allegations of abuse against schoolkids. The preacher is under scrutiny after an investigation by Huffington Post revealed allegations of abuse at the private fundamentalist school attached to the church in which he preaches. One of the female pupils, identified under the name Tamar, said he sexually harassed her and touched her private parts. Aged 18, Tamar secretly recorded a conversation with Manning in which the preacher said he wanted to take her clothes off and look at her naked body. Another former student told the outlet that he was locked in a basement for three days by Manning as a punishment for having sex with a girl. Four attendees at Atlah church also alleged that Manning encouraged them to “defecate in a bag and leave it at gay-owned businesses.” The private religious school has been operating for years despite its “registration pending” status with New York state. Manning did not comment on the allegations, speaking out on Twitter and accusing the ‘LGBT mafia’ of trying to discredit him with these accusations


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