Australian election candidate quits because of anti-LGBT records


An Australian election candidate has resigned after it was revealed he publicly slammed another MP from his own party for being gay and insisted on the necessity of the society being ‘infiltrated’ from homosexuality by the Christian anti-LGBT activists. Peter Killin stepped down as the governing Liberal Party’s candidate for the seat of Wills, in the state of Victoria, on May 1st, just weeks before the election was due to start. Killin agreed with other users who had called for Liberal activists to purge the party of “that notorious homosexual Tim Wilson,” who is one of the only out gay Liberal MPs and an active campaigner for marriage equality being legally approved in Australia. Killin wrote: “Your observations about Mr T Wilson, federal member for Goldstein are most pertinent at this point. Many of us will recall he was the openly homosexual who proposed to his boyfriend in parliment [sic].” The candidate had also previously penned a submission to a government inquiry on religious freedom in which he defended claims that “the dangers and health risks [of homosexuality] have been well documented in many reliable medical sources for years.” Killin had insisted the claims were a “biblical perspective backed up by current medical science,” even though he did not refer to any reliable scientific source as a confirmation of this claim. The candidate’s resignation was confirmed by the Liberal Party, stating that Mr. Killin’s words were a pure bigotry, and Liberal Party does not tolerate bigotry.


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