Big Brother Italy host scolds housemate for hateful language


Big Brother Italy host Barbara D’Urso reprimanded one of the housemates for addressing his gay fellow contestant with an inappropriate language. D’Urso delivered her scolding live on primetime television to the over three million people watching the show during the last Monday (April 29) episode. The Big Brother host first showed a clip of housemate Daniele Dal Moro twice using the Italian slur “checca,” (an equivalent of the English word ‘sissy’) towards the openly gay housemate Cristian Imparato. D’Urso said that it was an act of bullying that made her feel deeply upset. Dal Moro, the son of an Italian MP with the centre-left Democratic Party, denied being homophobic, saying that he had numerous gay friends and they are not offended when he uses this word speaking to them. “I don’t care at all about how you interpret the term. I’m telling you how I and the rest of Italy understands it. If you said it lightly it’s even worse, do you understand? Because, I repeat, there are young boys and girls bullied because of this, because some idiot called them like that,” the host told him, and he was made to apologize.


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