Man is imprisoned for trying to kill his Grindr date


A 19-year-old man has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for attempting to slit the throat of a man he met via a popular hook-up app. Chad Gurney arranged to meet his victim in a park near Alyestone Leisure Centre, in Leicester, UK, last year. At first they found a quiet place to have a sexual encounter but then Gurney attacked his lover with scissors. He received minor injuries and was able to run away. Gurney handed himself in to police on the night of the incident. He reportedly told an officer at Euston Street Police station in Leicester that he admitted an intentional murder attempt. During the trial, prosecutor Nicola Moore told the court: “The complainant described the atmosphere as a little frosty as they walked back to his car. Without warning, he felt something jab into his neck and he put his hand up, but there was no blood. The defendant was holding a pair of scissors and said he was sorry, but not before trying to do it again.” Moore told the court that it was not the first murder attempt for the defendant.


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