Anti-gay Nazi Jovanni Valle was bombed with eggs for hateful words


Right-wing activist Jovanni Valle was alleged to have been shouting homophobic abuse prior to a protestor threw an egg at him. A video with the caption: “Video of a Nazi getting EGGED b**ch” went viral and showed Valle, wearing a swastika necklace, parading around New York carrying a flag, the symbols on which are not recognizable. According to the Daily Mail the 26-year-old said “homosexuality was due to a chemical imbalance”, and “It’s hurting children, because children grow up mentally ill not knowing who they are,” when his listeners called him out for wearing a necklace with a Nazi symbol. A man carrying a brown paper bag then sneaks up behind him and throws an egg over the back of Valle’s head. The person recording the video can then be heard shouting “oh s**t,” as Valle runs after the egg-thrower and jumps on top of him. Another passerby then stops the Nazi from attacking the egg-thrower, and the cameraperson shouts “he threw an egg at him,” as Valle tries to escape.


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