Gay couple were denied to marry in church they attended in childhood


Derek Harmon wanted to get married to his fiancé Jesus Martell Gonzalez at Salem Lutheran Church, the congregation he attended as a child in Lake Mills, Iowa, as this is where the members of his family tied the knot. Harmon’s parents supported their son and his partner’s choice and vouched for them in front of the congregation, who held a vote not to change their rules and noallow a same-sex couple to marry there. While 103 people voted in support of the gay couple, 98 voted against them, as reported by NBC-affiliated local news channel WHO-DT. As such, the vote failed the reach the two thirds majority necessary to change the church’s constitution—even though the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as a denomination sanctions marriage equality, which became legal in all 50 states following a 2015 Supreme Court ruling, each congregation can decide whether to allow same-sex marriages in their churches. The two were disappointed, but they do not regret, they are loved and supported by family and friends, and now they are seeking a new location .


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