Halsey devoted her Billboard performance to women loving women


The openly bisexual pop star has taken to the Billboard Music Awards stage twice on May 1, first performing her hit song “Without Me” with a very hot choreography involving a female dancer Jade Chynoweth. The choreography was created by Janelle Ginestra, who had previously directed Halsey and Chynoweth in a similar dance performed on The Voice in December. “Tonight was for everyone. We are all equals. We are who we are. We never have to hide or deny that,” Ginestra wrote in an Instagram story after the performance was aired. After the performance, Halsey appeared to archive all her Instagram posts, adding only three black squares. Her profile picture on Instagram and Twitter was also blacked out, fans believe she hints on new era in her creativity coming soon. In an Instagram story posted following the awards ceremony, the singer thanked her fans and the fans of the Korean boysband BTS, who supported her when they collabed, even though she was almost not singing in their common track


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