Kristen Stewart faced pressure to define her sexuality


Speaking to Associated Press, the actress noted that it is really good that many of her young colleagues reject the labels when it comes to sexuality and gender expression. Stewart was romantically connected with people of both sexes and put under pressure as people demanded her to clarify whether she was gay or not. She is not, as there were men in her life, but she still used the word ‘gay’ towards herself and there was nothing wrong about it, she believes, because this is how she felt at that moment, her sexuality is fluid, it is a spectrum, it changes. “The fact that you don’t have to now is like so much more truthful. If you were to have this conversation with someone like in high school, they’d probably like roll their eyes and go, ‘Why are you complicating everything so much?’ … Just sort of do what you want to do.’ It’s really nice,” she said.


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