Penny Mordaunt named UK Defense Secretary


The Conservative politician, who has been repeatedly promoting and supporting the LGBT equality in the British parliament, will continue in her role as Minister for Women and Equalities while also replacing the sacked Gavin Williamson as Secretary of State for Defense. Mordaunt, the MP for Portsmouth North and a member of the Royal Navy Reserves, is the first woman in history of the country to take this position. Her appointment on Wednesday (May 1) comes days after Mordaunt made an impassioned speech about LGBT+ equality in the Armed Forces, saying it was not only morally right, but optionally more effective, because the country cannot be able to protect the country from an outer danger if some of its citizens are made to live in fear just because of being who they are. Noting that gay troops were banned from serving until 2000, the minister continued: “The change in the army on LGBT rights is like the difference between bayonets and smart missiles, yet it happened so much more rapidly and that should serve as an inspiration to us all.”


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