Pete Buttigieg is to appear on TIME magazine cover with husband


The latest TIME magazine cover features gay Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten Buttigieg. They are the first gay couple to appear on the cover of this magazine since it released its special issue devoted to the federal recognition of same-sex marriages in the USA. The May 13 issue cover reflects on the polling rise of the 37-year-old gay Presidential hopeful, with a headline reading: “First Family: The unlikely, untested and unprecedented campaign of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.” He told the magazine that as a former militant he often heard homophobic slurs from fellow servicepeople who had no idea he was gay. When they found out, they said sorry and supported him. Buttigieg forgave them, because if people behave wrongly because of bad habits and unawareness, it does not make them bad people, and everybody deserves a second chance. He added that he believes in the “power of redemption and forgiveness” after seeing “once-disapproving parents dance at their gay son’s wedding and homophobic military officers take back their words.”


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