Republicans stall LGBT+ rights law by making clerk read it from beginning to end


The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee had been undertaking a hearing on the Equality Act, which would extend existing civil rights laws to add sexuality and gender identity to the issues people cannot be discriminated against by from the point of view of law. The bill has broad bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, but Republican lawmakers on the committee resorted to a stalling tactic to prevent it from being passed. GOP congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, who has an anti-LGBT voting record, used a procedural rule to block the bill’s introduction before being read in full to the committee. The document contains 27 pages. Committees usually waive the full reading of bills by unanimous consent, however Sensenbrenner insisted on having a clerk, Madeleine, read out the bill in question entirely. It took the young staff member 30 minutes to read the entire bill, powering through the entire document in one go.


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