Sharron Davies commented Caster Semenya ruling


Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, who has previously insisted that she did not support transgender women competing in female professional sport, now ensures that it would be better not to divide athletes by gender, choosing a set of chromosomes regardless of gender identity as a dividing criterion instead. “Maybe we have an XX female category and then a category for men and XY. We want sport to be inclusive and perhaps the way to do this is based on biology,” she said. She admits that women can have XY chromosomes and men can have XX, gender is not necessarily determined by biology, but if sport is not, Ms Davies ensured, all the awards and records will be taken by those who carry XY chromosome set in both gender categories. But what is ironic, Caster Semenya herself has high testosterone level, but her chromosome set is still XX, she is a cis woman.


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