Turner Prize is under fire for anti-LGBT sponsor


The Turner Prize 2019 attracted criticism for accepting sponsorship from a company whose co-founder Brian Souter demanded homosexuality to remain illegal in Scotland and said that marriage equality would lead to the collapse of society. Many took to social media to criticize the announcement, including Observer art critic Laura Cumming, who said: “The art world swills with money. Sponsorship isn’t scarce: banks, brokers, big Pharma, and oil” and called Mr. Souter out for his hateful homophobia. The revelation of the sponsor caused controversy in a press conference, according to the Guardian, who reported that journalists asked judges and the bosses of Tate Britain and Turner Contemporary whether they believed the company co owned by Souter to be an appropriate sponsor for them. Victoria Pomery, the director of Turner Contemporary, responded that they did because this company will help them to create a new partnership and to build more important connections.


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