Fifty shades author reportedly works on a gay novel


EL James has hinted that she might write a gay romance novel. The author is best known for the bestselling Fifty Shades erotic novel series, which features the BDSM relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. She says that her readers bomb her with messages asking to devote her next work to a same-sex love. The novelist agreed that a gay BDSM relationship might be interesting to explore, because it takes away gender-based power imbalances, and she had not explored same-sex BDSM culture yet, but the key word here is ‘yet’, she never says never. She said: “I have a story a bit like that, yes… I’ve got a lot of people in my head, which is a bit disturbing. But whether I’ll ever write that story, I don’t know.” The author added: “Writing for women, entertaining women — because that’s exactly what I want to do — is probably one of the most feminist things I’ve ever done. And that’s it.”


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