Irish aquarium has two same-sex penguin couples


The aquarium previously made headlines in 2014 when they revealed that they had a lesbian penguin couple. And now they share that their queer penguin population grows and becomes more diverse – two male penguins have paired up. The aquarium manager said it is Impossible to differ a male penguin from a female one by outer features, but as they mate and don’t reproduce for a long time, then they are gay. “The lesbian ones will take action if they feel broody. They will waddle over to a male to do what needs to be done and rear the chick with their female partner.” It is not considered unusual for penguins to be in same-sex relationships—various zoos and aquariums across the world have reported same-sex penguins partnering up. The aquarium made headlines in 2014 when they revealed that lesbian penguins Penelope and Missy were throwing stones at each other. This is how penguins propose – they throw stones at potential partners as a hint that they want to build a nest together.


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