NY mother claims her daughter was beaten by a group of peers for being a lesbian


A mother from the Bronx Park East area of New York City believes that her 13-year-old daughter was beaten up by six school students while she was spending a weekend in the park because they believed her to be a lesbian. She did not hide that she actually was one, but she did not expect it might tuyn her into a target for such a violent attack. “They kept calling her a fake d**e and a fake butch. Her sexuality has nothing to do with her playing ball or even her activities in school,” she continued. She said her daughter was kicked and hit in the back of the head during the attack and that they used homophobic slurs. Her daughter does not remember the multiple blows to the head but there was footage from the scene to confirm that it happened. “She was like, ‘Mom I never felt this way, it was a mixed feeling, I was scared, nervous and it was like my life—I’ll have to defend my life,’” the woman said. The girl suffered from headaches and neck pain after the attack, but her mother said that she has suffered more from the “internal” damage of coping with the attack.


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