Parkfield gay teacher is to lead Birmingham Pride


The author of the anti-bullying program No Outsiders Andrew Moffat has been announced as the leader of the Pride in his home city this year. As we reported several times, this anti-bullying program was aimed to protect in part LGBT kids, which caused protests from religious (mostly Muslim, but there were several Christians) parents who did not want their children to be taught about LGBT issues, believing that the primary school students are too young to know itr, even though the lessons did not cover intimate issues. Moffat has been invited to lead the city’s Pride parade on May 25, as a response to the protests. The teacher said to have been overjoyed with such an offer and accepted it gladly and proudly. He is grateful that he is given a chance to say that there should be no outsiders and children deserve to know from the earliest age that whatever your attitude to LGBT issues is, nobody in this world deserves being hated, abused and bullied.


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