Tumblr might be sold to PornHub


Tumblr owner Verizon is reportedly looking to sell the website due to declining revenues in the wake of banning the piornographic content. And whether jokingly or not, one of the most famous websites with an X-rated content has offered itself as a potential buyer. Pornhub Vice President Corey Price told Buzzfeed that Tumblr was “a save [sic] haven for those who wanted to explore and express their sexuality,” before that ban and they would love to see Tumblr coming back to what it used to be. And the point is that there are many Tiumblr users who think the same, because as the ban was implemented, the platform be4gan to lose audience, and as a consequence they are now on the edge of bankruptcy. Verizon was seeking a buyer for the website as the business was failing to make money. The move marks just the latest in a long and complicated history for the blogging platform. Tumblr was sold in 2013 for $1.1 billion to Yahoo. In 2016, its value was estimated at just $230 million.


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