American Family Association claims that LGBT rights bill protects pedophiles


As discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender identity was officially outlawed in the USA, anti-LGBTY campaigners activated their forces to express their radical opposition to it. In part, American Family Association, an anti-LGBT evangelical Christian group, stated that the new law would give pedophiles certain privileges other people don’t have. First of all, pedophilia is a crime and it will always be one, it has nothing in common with being LGBT, and nobody would deny that there are straight pedophiles too. And even if a person who belongs to LGBT community molests, assaults, rapes or abuses someone, the Equality Act is not going to prevent this person from being fairly punished for what they have done, as well as any other criminal. ’As well as any other’ are key words here. Nobody says that LGBT Americans should be treated better than their straight and cis compatriots, but they definitely should not be treated worse. Because what the Equality Act will do is prevent hate groups like AFA from publicly likening LGBT people to child molesters and telling them they would go to hell. What the Equality Act will do is tell people that there are no categories of people who should have privileges others don’t have, this is quite opposite to the way AFA sees this law.


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