Anti-LGBT bishops to boycott Lambeth Conference even though same-sex spouses are banned already


An anti-LGBT faction of Anglicans still plans to boycott the Lambeth Conference, despite Archbishop of Canterbury banning same-sex spouses of the clergy members in a sign of compromise with those potential attendees who disapprove homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Premier reports that GAFCON bishops still plan to boycott the meeting despite the concessions, because gay clergy members themselves were not forbidden to attend. Speaking at a GAFCON meeting in Australia, the chair of the GAFCON Primates Council Archbishop Foley Beach said that as long as gay bishops are welcomed, it means that the conference approves their marital status and their sexuality (or, as the anti-LGBT activist call it, their ‘homosexual lifestyle’), so the event remains LGBT-friendly, and they strongly disagree with it. He said: “They’ve changed the discussion to inviting the partners of the gay bishops when the issue is the bishops themselves. So, the Lambeth conference is in itself in violation of [doctrine on same-sex relationships] itself by having these bishops in homosexual marriages coming to the conference. So, what are we to do with that?”


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