Former Times newspaper editor says the environment there was very transphobic


A trans woman who worked as an editor in the Scottish newsroom of The Times newspaper before being made redundant last year is currently suing her former bosses for discrimination against her on the basis of her gender identity. Katherine O’Donnell had been employed at the newspaper for 14 years, but when she transitioned i9nto female she was told to leave. O’Donnell claims she has been subjected to transphobic discrimination, harassment, victimization and unfair dismissal on the grounds of gender reassignment in a case that may force media organizations to reconsider how their coverage affects employees members of communities protected from discrimination under employment law. The Edinburgh Employment Tribunal held a first hearing in the six-week case on May 1st. My desire to see fair and balanced coverage of trans people and issues in the [Times newspaper] has led to me being viewed as difficult or troublesome,” she said, “The callous and dehumanizing nature of the comments, however intended, left me feeling as if the floor had opened up beneath me and that I had fallen into a reality in which what these men really thought of me and people like me was revealed”


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