Head teachers demand to explain clearer what LGBT-inclusive education is


Members of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) called on the Department for Education (DfE) to issue a guidance which would clarify all the aspects of LGBT-inclusive curriculum. The motion calls for “a more robust and legally enforceable policy and support for schools as they carry out their public sector equality duty,” as well as teaching “British values in order to identify and combat discrimination for the protection of children and adults.” Hewitt-Clarkson called out a discrepancy between the DfE draft statutory guidance, which indicates that LGBT-inclusive education should be age-appropriate and there should be “Frequently Asked Questions” document about the guidance, which states schools are “enabled and encouraged to cover LGBT content if they consider it age appropriate to do so,” without requiring it to teach it. Hewitt-Clarkson called on Education Secretary Damian Hinds, who offered solidarity with the teachers facing protests in his address to the NAHT on May 3rd, urging to unite for the policy improvement


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