Piers Morgan calls M&S LGBT sandwich pathetic


British TV host Morgan accused M&S of “cynical virtue-signaling” and “truly pathetic” behavior. “Gay sandwiches? Is there no cynical virtue-signaling depth struggling companies won’t now plunge to make a profit? Shame on you ⁦marksandspencer⁩, this is truly pathetic,” the TV host wrote on Twitter. The supermarket released the BLT-plus-guacamole sandwich to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity which is focused on helping young homeless LGBT people. But the opinions about this initiative (not helping queer youth, the sandwiches) among social media users are different. Morgan also shared a post from journalist Louis Staples, who criticized the M&S sandwich in a tweet that has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times. She wroo9te that LGBT people need society to change and to accept them without violence and abuse, but all society is ready to give them is sandwiches. The LGBT sandwich isn’t the first snack incurring Morgan’s wrath. The TV host previously blasted bakery chain Greggs in January for releasing vegan sausage rolls, calling those responsible for the decision “PC-ravaged clowns.”


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