DUP’s Jim Wells might be punished for criticizing a gay colleague


Northern Ireland’s former health minister Jim Wells could face punishment from the DUP as he criticized the party’s first out lesbian councilor Alison Bennington. The fact that she was elected made Mr. Wells so deeply upset that he claimed it would undermine all the traditions and values DUP stands for. However, the party leader Arlene Foster, though she is far from being an LGBT ally herself, has made it profoundly clear that Wells could say something like this only on his personal behalf, not on behalf of the party. “We will look at all of those issues after the election. We will be looking at vote management schemes, we will be looking at where we did very well and we will be looking at bad behavior as well,” she told Belfast Telegraph. Being asked whether Mr. Wells could be expelled from the party, she replied that it was too early to make any conclusions about his political future so far.


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