Lesbian woman makes history being appointed on top position at the New York Fire Department


The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has appointed its first openly lesbian chief of Emergency Medical Services. This is the highest position an openly LGBT+ person being appointed to in FDNY. And by the way, this position has never been taken by a woman up until now. The appointment put her in charge of more than 4,100 paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and other workers. She said that she was proud to make history by taking this position, as it will give more possibilities to others (queer people and women) who want to do this noble job but don’t believe in themselves enough. “Some day in our world, we will not have to talk about the fact that I am a woman, or about being openly gay when I received a promotion like this. But today is not that day,” she said. Over a 28-year career she rose through the ranks, serving as a first responder during the September 11 attacks. After coming out aged 30 Bonsignore met her wife Kim, who held the bible during her swearing-in. Her daughter Madeline—one of Bonsignore’s two children—added: “It makes me so proud to see what she is doing for women, and especially me, looking up to her. She is such a role model.”


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