Steven Anderson goes to Ireland despite the ban


The American preacher was due to visit the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland as part of a speaking tour at the end of May, but it was announced earlier this month that Mr. Anderson was blocked from entering the Schengen area (the EU travel zone) and his extreme homophobic views did not play the last role in such a decision. But in spite of this, the Christian activist noted that he is not going to change his plans concerning his trip to the city of Dublin. “So far so good on Dublin; it is still on,” he said in a video seen by The Times, “These events are still going on—the soul-winning and the preaching are still going on. It’s just yours truly who won’t be there, except I am planning to be there in Ireland.” The people of Ireland have already filed a petition against Anderson’s entry in their country and this petition has already gained more than 11 000 signatures. “Steven Anderson is a Holocaust-denier, Islamophobe and anti-LGBT+ extremist who is scheduled to preach in Dublin, Ireland on May 26, possibly in an attempt to get people to change their minds on last year’s abortion referendum,” the petition’s creator William Jenkins wrote, “This petition is for the people to show that they want Pastor Steven Anderson banned from entering the Republic of Ireland.”


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