Tax expert sacked for transphobia says she is the victim


A think-tank researcher who says she lost her job over anti-transgender tweets is crowdfunding to take the Center for Global Development (CGD) to an employment tribunal. Maya Forstater says the case could establish that “gender-critical views” (this is an euphemism she used to describe her anti-trans beliefs) are a protected belief under the 2010 Equality Act. “I think that male people are not women. I don’t think being a woman/female is a matter of identity or womanly feelings. It is biology,” Forstater wrote, saying she believed that men could not become women and to her mind trans women were not women. Managers at the CGD told Forstater her tweets were “offensive and exclusionary” and, though she was cleared of breaching company policy in an internal investigation, her contract to work at CGD was not renewed at the beginning of this year. On the crowdfunding page for her legal fees, Forstater wrote that nobody should be discriminated against for their views. Indeed, nobody should, but this is, ironically, exactly what she did. However, as at least one commenter on the Times article has pointed out, because Forstater lost her job as a result of her fixed-term contract not being renewed – rather than being directly fired as a result of the tweets – she may not be able to take CGD to tribunal.


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