The best Met Gala looks from queer celebrities


The annual event was held on May 6th in support of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art’s Costume Institute, which this year hosts an exhibition titled “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” based on American author’s Susan Sontag’s 58-page essay Notes on ‘Camp,’ published in 1964. Lady Gaga decided to be the main star of the evening and she was one, at least among the female celebrities, because she had 4 (!) different outfits one under another like a Russian doll, to surprise the public by taking them off one by one as she walked down the red (de facto pink) carpet. The lesbian filmmaker Lena Waithe and designer Kerby Jean-Raymond, also known as Pyer Moss’ Kerbito, wore matching, tailored suits. Her colleague Ryan Murphy also wore a suit, although his was a pastel, glittery orange completed with a high-collar cape decorated with pearls and sequins. Actor Michael Urie decided to wear both a dress and a pinstripe suit for his Met Gala outfit, celebrating gender fluidity in fashion and life. Another Met Gala attendee who bended binaries was performer Janelle Monae, whose look wowed the public, not only because of hat-on-hat top hat, its unusual shape or the Picasso-style details, but also because the eyelid actually blinks as Monae moves.


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