Trans kids are more likely to be sexually assaulted if they are denied access to bathroom


Transgender and non-binary students are more likely to be sexually assaulted at schools which force them to use facilities like bathrooms and changing rooms that are not corresponded with their actual gender identity. Researchers looked at 3,673 responses from trans and non-binary students collected by the LGBTQ Teen Study, which quizzed young people aged 13 to 17 across all 50 US states in 2017. Almost 26 percent of respondents said they survived a sexual assault in the past year. That number rose to 36 percent among those who were denied access to the facilities they consider appropriate. Notably, transgender girls were 1.5 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than their cis peers if they are forced to use male bathrooms. The findings go against the erroneous but often-held notion that transgender people are putting cis women under threat if they gain access to the gender-segregated facilities in correspondence with their gender identity. “Sometimes it is the school personnel who hold this attitude,” Diane Ehrensaft and Stephen Rosenthal wrote in an editorial to accompany the report. “Sometimes it is anxious and angry parents who do not want their children exposed to or ‘damaged by’ the gender-minority youth at their school.”


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