Trans people are discriminated against by the USA police on a regular basis


The report released by the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) looked at the various ways that forces in the US are currently failing to provide adequate protection to transgender people. t also referenced data from 2015 which found that more than half of transgender people who had been in contact with police in the US had reported about mistreatment and more than one in 2 are afraid to address to the police if something happens to them because they are afraid of being mistreated. The NCTE found through its work with 25 police forces across the US that no department requires staff to be trained in transgender issues, which leads to misinformation and misunderstanding. They also found that no departments currently have a space on forms for “name currently used” which means that some trans people who have not legally changed their names may end up being identified by their dead names by police. 16 of 25 currently assign staff to search people in custody based on the sex the person was assigned at birth or the genitals they have, which can mean that some trans people are searched by people of the opposite gender.


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