Amnesty insists on Turkish university reconsidering the Pride march ban


Amnesty International are leading calls for a banned student Pride event in the Turkish capital, Ankara, to be held, even though the local authorities decided to ban it. Many LGBT+ events had been banned since a court ruling in November 2017. The Ankara governorate used powers under the state of emergency – in place since the failed 2016 coup event – to impose an indefinite ban on all LGBT-related events from being held in the city due to fears for public safety. Fotis Filippou, Amnesty International’s campaigns director for Europe, said that for many years students were marching in campuses to express solidarity with their LGBT brothers and sisters, so not allowing Turkish students to do the same would be inhuman. “Rather than banning Pride events, the university should be supporting and protecting such marches and challenging homophobia and transphobia. The Rectorate must reverse its decision and allow students without fear of intimidation or violence,” Filippou added.


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