Free Presbyterian minister slams DUP for electing a lesbian councilor


A Free Presbyterian minister in Northern Ireland has criticized the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) for running a lesbian politician at the local elections and letting her win. In a video obtained by the BBC, Reverend John Greer of the Free Presbyterian Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, slammed the party for deviating from their anti-LGBT beliefs as they let Alison Bennington run. In the sermon—which Greer reportedly delivered on April 21—he said that things that were “once reprobated are now acceptable,” influencing on the minds of children of God to make them think that sodomy is no longer wrong. Sodomy is gay sex (between men) and it was forbidden in an Old Testament for Levites (priests), lesbians are not even mentioned in the Bible. “That’s the type of thing that’s going on in our own little land. And there we have before our very eyes what God has to say about the danger of an ungodly world, a corrupt world, influencing even the thinking of people who should know better,” he said


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