Israel Folau loses sponsors


Sportswear brand Asics, a leading sponsor of the Australian national rugby team the Wallabies, decided to cut ties with the disgraced anti-LGBT rugby player citing the differences of views as the reason. “We champion inclusivity and diversity,” the statement read, quoted in BBC. “While Israel Folau is entitled to his personal views, some of those expressed in recent social media posts are not aligned with those of Asics.” As Folau’s views are different, he can no longer be the ambassador of the brand. His views as a person should not necessarily correspond with the brand’s beliefs, but if they don’t, then there is no sense in partnership. Asics is now the second sponsor to abandon Folau due to his anti-LGBT posts—Land Rover withdrew a luxury car issued to the player in April 2018, after he prompted outrage by saying gay people would go to hell if they did not repent.


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